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Second Responders' Network (2RN) 

Trained Volunteer Assistants registered and approved by CMSD to support children dealing with the residual impact of trauma. 

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We will build on existing partnerships for the 2018-19 school year.

 The Cathedral Council at Trinity Cathedral has opened the door for us to partner with their education ministry and start the process of

  • Learning which schools, other than Marion-Sterling, Trinity parishioners are supporting.
  • Learning which schools are being supported across the Diocese.
  • Learning which schools are being supported by local UM Churches.
  • Using information from items one, two and three to determine common interest(s) for a collective project focused on equity in education.

In August the 2RN team will start another phase of learning through research and All Our Children National Network  Webinars to be our voice for advocacy.

Next Steps:

  • Create an assessment tool suitable for Trinity parishioner, & churches of the Diocese (share with Council) and UM Churches.
  • Launch data-gathering phase at the 10 AM Cathedral Forum in September.
  • Share data with Council and UM District.  

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