Education in Motion is a proud member of 

All Our Children National Network A network that promotes faith-rooted community partnerships with public schools. AOC  is an advocate, resource, and convener that helps celebrate locate partnerships! 

Enhancement Ministries, inc Advocates For Suspended Students

  • Small work group sessions
  • Comprehension,  Vocabulary, Fluency
  • Phonics/Word Study
  • Writing about Reading
  • ​Rereading and assessment

Education in Motion is a member of the Greater Cleveland Congregations network of 40+ faith-based organizations.

Greater Cleveland Congregations (GCC) is a non-partisan coalition of faith communities and partner organizations in Cuyahoga County working together to build power for social justice. GCC unites people across lines of race, class, religion, and geography to promote public, private and civic sector actions which strengthen and improve the quality of life of our neighborhoods.

Building legacies through education and supports that help families grow, learn and earn!