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2nd-5th Grade

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Enhancement Ministries, Inc.

Enhancement Ministries, Inc.

Trauma Relief Support for K-8 Grade Students  

EMI is trained to mentor students struggling with the residual affects of trauma ...
2RN is available to students struggling with the death of a loved one, a friend; a student navigating the symptoms associated with poverty or other emotional signs causes by the many facets of trauma.  In a handful of communities in the United States, violence is a traumatizing part of everyday life. And one underappreciated aspect of living in these neighborhoods, writes ABC News’s Avianne Tan, is the long-term psychological effects this sort of exposure to trauma can have on children. 

2nd Responders’ Network (2RN) Core Service
"Called to action in alignment with our social commitment to families."

Lallie Lloyd of All Our Children Network states, "Social movements are strengthened when those of us who have benefited from historical patterns of injustice commit to becoming effective allies, build relationships and contribute time and energy to make the necessary changes in policies and practices."

Enhancement Ministries, Inc. (EMI) a 501 c3 nonprofit organization, is doing business as Education in Motion (EIM) is seeking partners willing to work to change historical patterns of injustice in education.  EMI is committed to lay a foundation on which others can build a more just and equitable society.

Since 2007, Enhancement Ministries, Inc (EMI) has supported the well-being of students attending neighborhood schools and those enrolled in surrounding Cuyahoga County school districts through its community-based academic support for Juvenile Offenders, Suspended Student Support, and other alternative learning supports. This work proved to encourage students academically and provide needed resources for their families.  Education In Motion (EIM) continued onsite classroom reading support exclusively at Willson K-8 School during the 2016-2017 school year.

EMI helps all students learn, succeed and feel safe.