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Applying the Power of Stories to Excite Students About Science - KQED News "Using stories to get kids excited about everything from computer coding to engineering is gaining popularity with educators around the country." Read more

Federal Judge says Literacy is NOT a Right -ProLiteracy Blog
"A democracy does not survive without an informed and literate citizenry. The pursuit of happiness, including work, family, and community, requires a literate population able to contribute to its own well-being." Read more

The Center for Community Solutions promotes health, social, and economic conditions in Northeast Ohio, under the leadership of Emily Campbell, Associate Director, and Senior Fellow.
"The links between education and health are clear and consistent, and there is ongoing research by the Health Policy Institute of Ohio (HPIO) which demonstrates these connections in a buckeye-specific way. In Medicaid, which is the largest single source of health coverage for children, Ohio has pursued a number of policies that leverage the natural connection between these areas of social service. With that said, many providers and schools are still reluctant to pursue opportunities in this space due to complexity and sustainability."
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Since 2007, Enhancement Ministries, Inc (EMI) has supported the well-being of students attending schools in urban communities and surrounding Cuyahoga County school districts. Relationship with these students grew through EMI's community-based academic support, anti-suspension and alternative learning programs, which evolved from its faith-based connection to the United Methodist Church. Much of this work served to encourage students and inspire families to reach beyond the obvious to see possibilities for community participation.

As EMI continues its uninterrupted support of students in pursuing efforts to bring focus to the greater impact of traumatic instances like suspension from school, unpredictable family dynamics, and acts of violence on a student’s preparedness for classroom learn. EMI organized a group of volunteers (Second Responder Network) with a broad range of professional skill sets willing to walk-alongside of students processing trauma-related experiences. This pool of volunteers, with backgrounds such as active and retired pastors, active and retired educators, retired Cuyahoga County social service leaders, engineers, etc., with a passion for helping students be successful.  These volunteers completed over 15/hrs of training and successful background checks in their quest to be helpful.

EMI is also a member of the All Our Children[1] National Network launched to encourage, promote, and strengthen local church-community-school partnerships. Educational Equity is an urgent mission for all citizens, especially communities of faith. Partnerships between congregations and schools are an effective path to address racism and economic inequity, education inequity and to evlove meaningful community change.

[1] http://www.allourchildren.org/ 

Helping legacies thrive through education that support families' need for safety, growth,  and earning!